Thank you.

Hey guys! Happy new year! And thank you for all the support in the last 2.5 years as we are so close to hitting 50K VIEWS as well as 200 SUBSCRIBERS! INSANE! Thank you guys so much for the support. Although I’m not uploading a lot of videos, I am trying as hard as I can to make videos and upload them for you. With that said, enjoy what comes in the future and I’ll see you guys soon!


Ideas required

Guys. I need ideas for videos that i can upload. I know recently I started a modded survival but as that is now being pushed to once a week i need to upload something else! If you want to suggest something then email me at

A new Partnership.

Guys. I have been hired by Amber Tech on ROBLOX to make videos for them! The CEO is a good friend of mine and he likes my videos. If you have seen the videos I made for them don’t be shy to leave a comment! Here is the link to the group:¬†

-Dman64w (Video maker of Amber Tech)

Club penguin shutting down! :O

Guys I’m sure most of you heard but club penguin is shutting down to follow their release of club penguin island. Personally I think they could just split the two projects and get an entirely new staff to focus on one of the two games, but no. So there goes most of my childhood. I only made on video on it but I’m soon going to make a tribute to club penguin to celebrate it’s time here. Thanks for reading and enjoy your day.